JavaScript ( Web )

Here's a guide that can enable you to trigger Airim from any custom link or button from your website/app


Airim has a JavaScript API to control its behaviour as you like. Below are functions that Airim supports.

These commands are queued so you don't need to wait for airim to load completely, events will be automatically fired on load in sequence.

airim('widgetOpen') // opens the widget

airim('widgetClose') // closes the widget

airim('widgetHide') // hides the widget and the launcher on the page

airim('widgetShow') // displays the widget on the page

Identify Users

You can use the identify api to map a user on your product to an airim user. Please see the code below.

If you add the keys name, phone, email as attributes, the value will be auto populated in contact form.

// identifier can be anything like email / username etc but should be unique
// name can be any string
// tags are meant to tag a user like 'new-lead' or 'happy-customer'
	 name: '<John Smith>',
	 phone: '<5552121222>',
	 email: '',
	 tags: ['tag1','tag2']


OnLoad callback

airim('onload', function(){
  console.log('airim widget is loaded')
  // custom function here

Event callbacks are executed when an event like 'Open' or 'Close' takes place . Examples below

airim('on', 'widgetClose', function(){
  console.log('airim widget was closed')
  // custom function here

airim('on', 'widgetOpen', function(){
  console.log('airim widget was opened')
  // custom function here

Custom positioning of the icon

// set the position 40px from bottom right corner
  right: '40px',
  bottom: '40px'
//set position on the left side
  left: '20px',
  bottom: '40px'

Subscribe to events

airim('subscribe', function(event){
    // event contains a data like
    // {    
    //     event_cat_id: 108, --> FAQ category id
    //     event_message: "Clicked on Question: What is life?",
    //     event_name: "faq_click", --> name of the event
    //     event_obj: "FAQ",
    //     event_obj_id: 66, --> FAQ id 
    //     event_type: "click" ,
    //     event_value: "What is life?"    
    // }

Automatic Reload

If you have a single page application the widget will not be able to detect url changes. To make sure the widget is always updated please call this API when the url is changed.



Show Airim when a button is clicked on your UI

// hide airim initially
// you can place this code directly below the airim script

var button = document.getElementById('my-button-id')
button.addEventListener('click', function(){

Open airim after some time

To automatically open the airim widget after 10 seconds, copy paste the following code just below the airim init function, inside the script tag

var seconds = 10
},seconds * 1000)

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