Adding Vernacular Content

Vernacular content is very important to engage visitors from geographic locations who do not speak 'English'. Even in English-dominant geographies, there are people who are non-native English speakers

Airim automatically indexes your knowledge base content in the most meaningful context using proprietary NLP algorithms.

The first step is to click 'Content Manager' on your dashboard. You can then follow the steps below based on how you wish to add content.

1. Importing Vernacular Content

  1. Content Manager > Import FAQs > Select your desired Import option

  2. Enter the URL of the knowledge base link > Click 'Import'

2. Adding FAQs

  1. Write Question and Answer > Click 'Save' to start adding vernacular content.

If you do not have a vernacular keyboard, you can use Google's Vernacular Keyboard to start adding content in your preferred language

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