Custom Analytics

You can send all airim events to your custom analytics tool by adding this snippet below the airim JavsScript code. Please modify the script accordingly.

airim('subscribe', function(event){
    myCustomAnalytics('airim', event.event_name, event.event_value);

function myCustomAnalytics(source,event_name,event_value){

Event name is what type of action has been performed on the widget. Event value if any is the identification number on which the action is performed. Example: event_name = faq_click, and event_value = 39. Id of the FAQ which is clicked.

Sample Event

    event_cat_id: 108, // FAQ category id
    event_message: "Clicked on Question: What is life?",
    event_name: "faq_click", // name of the event
    event_obj: "FAQ",
    event_obj_id: 66,// FAQ id 
    event_type: "click" ,
    event_value: "What is life?"    

List of event names

  • faq_click

  • upvoted_faq

  • cta_click

  • downvoted_faq

  • search

  • tag_search

  • contact_form_open

  • notification_cta_click

  • widget_open

  • widget_close

  • airim_live_chat_open

  • live_chat_agent_blocked

  • live_chat_agent_snoozed

  • live_chat_agent_resolved

  • live_chat_agent_status

  • live_chat_agent_assigned

  • live_chat_tat

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