Airim Documentation

Adding Team Members

How to add other team members to the Airim dashboard?
When you create a new account with Airim, you are already added as an Admin. You can add multiple members from your team using the 'Manage Team' option in the 'Settings' tab.
Step 1: Click on 'Manage Team'
Click on the icon marked with a red circle below to add more team members from your organisation.
Step 2: Click on the 'Add Member' icon
Once you click the icon, you'll get a screen to enter details such as Name, email ID, Password and Access Level of the new member you wish to add.
Step 3: Enter the details of the new member
Once you save the information, you'll see that a new member is added to your Airim account.
A new team member is added to your Airim account
Please note that there are two access levels for your Airim account, Admin and Agent. You can choose the access level of a member while adding her account to Airim.
While a person with Admin access can add or remove team members, Agent access does not have that priviledge. There is no other difference between these 2 access levels as of now.