FAQs Embeddable

To show FAQs anywhere in your page you can use airim's FAQ Embeddable element.

First you have to include the following script. Preferable inside the head tag of your page.

<script src="https://cdn.airim.co/airim-suggest.dist.js" async></script>

Then you can place the following tag anywhere in your page.

<airim-suggest aid="your_account_id"></airim-suggest>

The element will automatically show top 10 FAQs for that page. It will auto adjust its font, width and background colour according the to page and its parent element.

Getting your account id

You can find your account id here. Screenshot below for reference

Customising the embed

There are more options that is supported by the suggest element. See reference below

You can limit the number of FAQs shown by the widget by using
the limit attribute
<airim-suggest aid="your_account_id" limit="7"/>

You can change the color of the text by using the color attribute.
The attribute can be any valid hex code.
<airim-suggest aid="your_account_id" limit="7" color="#4c4c4c"/>

Chainging font size
<airim-suggest aid="your_account_id" limit="7" color="#4c4c4c" fontSize="18"/>

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