Airim Documentation

ConvertFox / Gist Chat integration

Step 1:
First, check if both ConvertFox and Airim's script are copied on your website
Step 2:
Then, from your Airim dashboard, go to "Settings" -> "Contact Options" and select "Live Chat"
Step 3:
Select ConvertFox from the Chat applications list and click 'Activate' to enable the integration.
Step 4:
Paste the following code snippet just below the ConvertFox js snippet. This will ensure that ConvertFox widget is hidden when minimized and Airim widget is shown again.
<script type="text/javascript">
// copy paste below both airim and convertfox js scripts
// hide the launcher on load so that only airim is visible'hide')
// open ConvertFox widget when live chat button is clicked
// hide the airim widget after opening
Your users will now be able to view ConvertFox widget when they click the chat icon from your Airim widget.